Friday, August 19, 2016

Selling Gear?

Recently I sold my Leica D-Lux 4 and Sigma DP2M. I am downsizing gear. I have yet to sell my Sigma DP3M as it is a much rarer item and if I sell it, I'd have a very hard time to buy it back if I regretted that decision.
Sigma DP3M
Why am I selling? Well, I want to downsize the amount of gear for simplicity. Right now I still have a Nikon D90 that I seldom use, a Ricoh GR, a Canon S95, (which I gave to my sister and she gave it back because she uses her iPhone 6s for every picture taking opportunity). I also have the Sigma DP3M and a Fuji X-T10 with the one 35mm (50mm equivalent) lens. The Sony A6000 was sold.  I loved the form factor of the Sony, didn't like the color of the files as much as the Fuji though. As for the kit lens, well we all know that it was too soft and annoying to use once compared to Fuji lenses. I'm not in love with Fuji though. I would still like a camera the size of a Sony A6000 and a kit lens that isn't soft or big. That would be my ultimate travel everywhere camera. The Sigma DP3M I have is great for portraits, product shots and landscape. (Don't forget street as well, though the focal length and speed wouldn't be so great for people, it can be done. Also, it would be awesome for some architecture as long as you don't need to go wide.) One thing, there is a portrait setting for people that helps soften the detail. Great for making the face look more natural without showing all the blemishes.

Right now I am debating selling the Sigma DP3M. I want to commit to the Fuji system. I may also sell the Ricoh GR. Now, I love the Ricoh GR for the compactness. Quite frankly it is perfect for carrying everywhere. But like my sister, I tend to use my iPhone for snapshots these days as it's so much easier to place on all my websites, Facebook, Flickr and such. I know the quality isn't as good coming from the iPhone, but the convenience factor is. I am trying to simplify my life with less gear so as to get what gear I have left my full attention ins getting to know that system. So far, Fuji is winning out. I honestly was checking out the Sony A7 series, but because the colors of the files do not compare to this of the Fuji, which I find much more appealing, I went for the Fuji. I also like the Fuji company in how they support the photographers and listen to them. Fuji has better customer service and their lenses are divine. I like APS-C as the files are big enough for me. Now do you see the fix I'm in? Makes sense right? 

These files below are from my Fuji X-T10 and 35mm F/2 WR Lens. What do you think? Do you think they are worthy shots compared to Sigma DP Merrill? Yeah, I know the Merrill would show more detail, but the shots below seem to be awesome in detail as well, though not "Sigma DP Merrill" awesome. The compromise for better camera user experience, lens changing & ability to shoot in very low light are worth that compromise for many applications. Yes?

The shots below are from the Sigma DP3M. I like the Fuji colors slightly better, but that's me. The detail on the Foveon files are much better than Fuji, but I don't think most people would notice this. The only time I think it would be an issue is in landscape photography where files are blown up to huge poster sizes. What do you guys think?

Lastly, the Ricoh GR shots below.

The Ricoh GR has no viewfinder, which I'm finding I need in my later years. I tried the external optical and just couldn't get used to it. The Ricoh has kind of a slow AF at times, especially in lowlight. I find it hunting a bit. Still, it has one of the sharpest 28mm equivalent lenses I know of. Nothing is as sharp except maybe the 28mm Leica Summicron. 

...lastly the Canon S95, which the iPhone can almost replace in many ways.

Here are some shots below using the Canon S95

So now I have to think long and hard. I kind of like the variety of gear, but long for a simpler solution. 

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