Saturday, June 6, 2015

Still Using Sigma DP2M & DP3M

I'm still using these DP Merrill cameras, mostly for my Ozzy Project. I also still have my Leica D-Lux 4 (CCD Sensor) and Sony NEX 6 with crappy lens. The Sony has a lot of bells and whistles. I use a Ricoh GR for its sharp 28mm lens. No OVF or EVF on it. Nice compact producing sharp photos, lovely B&W images. But the Sigma still looks better to me in B&W photos. My preference, but it seems to have more range. Pain to use, but the results are stunning. They print lovely as well. The Sony is fun to use for funny face captures, but the files are decidedly less dynamic. The Sigma DP Merrill cameras are slow, battery-hogging beasts, but the pictures keep me coming back. I find them fascinating.

Anyway, here are some shots.

ISO 1600

The DP3M is great for portraits. The DP2M is an all-around camera. Both have their place. Oh, and the Sigma DP3M can do macro, but by cropping. The macro shots come out lovely too. I will have to do more of those. Also, don't be fooled that the Quattro cameras are better. They are better at shooting somewhat, but they lost that Foveon 3D look. Don't believe me, go read the reviews, especially the one by DigiLloyd. The only reason to use these Sigma cameras IMHO is for the Foveon sensor 3D details and dynamic range. I love the Foveon look. Every time I think, this is a pain in the ass to use, I get a shot that just takes my breath away, or I see other people's shots on Flickr or a website. Believe me, there aren't too many people shooting these cameras. They are so unique in their file signature due to this sensor and the only sensor of its kind in the world. 

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