Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sigma DP Merrill Love

Sigma DP Merrill cameras get a lot of bad write-ups. Mostly it's the battery life and difficulty in using these cameras in anything but ideal situations such as sunny days and low ISO settings. I'm here to tell ya that they are so much more than those annoying limitations. You just have to get to know the camera and have some patience. The Sigma DP3M is a bit harder to use due to its focal length and really should be used on a tripod. Still haven't bought one of those. The camera doesn't have stability so any movement shows blur. Use a tripod if you have one.

Amazing amount of detail in scenery.

the monochromes are sublime!

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South Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona.

Ozzy thinks he's a goat. Let me just state this. I had to carry him partly up the mountain. LOL!

My sister coaxing, err, dragging Ozzy up the mountain. After this shot. I picked him up and carried him. 

Downtown Phoenix, Arizona

I use both the Sigma DP3M and DP2M I opted for the Ricoh GR for the 28mm lens. I wanted an all-around easy to use camera. It's a compromise in detail and 3D effect, but a plus in all-around usage. I will show Rich GR shots at a later date. Right now, it's all Sigma.

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