Monday, March 31, 2014

Using the Sigma DP2M

I've been using my Sigma DP2M a lot lately. (I have also actually upgraded my Sony NEX 5 to the Sony NEX 6. That model is much faster, and with the kit lens it fits in the bag due to the zoom being so much shorter, almost like a pancake lens. But that's another story.) I've been taking pictures of Ozzy as usual. Then my best friend and her daughter visited me from New Hampshire a month ago. We went to Riparian Preserve in Gilbert, Arizona to walk and take pictures in the beautiful sunlight. I brought the Sigma DP2M as I love the detail this camera shows. I'm so happy that I did. Every time I look at the photos I smile. I could have brought my Sony NEX 5 and taken so many more photos, (think machine gun!). But I wanted to slow the pace and enjoy the day. So here are the ;attest shots taken with the camera.

More Ozzy pictures. I love trying to push the Sigma through its paces with a moving object. Even if that object moves rather slowly. 

I loved the afternoon lighting. Subject is boring, but the light on my neighbor's house was lovely. LOL!

A double bubble. Hard to catch with any camera. Kudos to the Sigma DP2M.

My sister dressed in a scarf. 

The houses are going up quickly, but they aren't of quality. 

Side of Apple Store. 

This Porta-Potty is classy compared to the crummy houses going up down my street. LOL!

My two sisters at our mall down the street. I used the Monochrome setting in SPP.

Mecca Apple

I loved going to Riparian Preserve. Don't know who this is but I love the shot.

One of my favorite shots of the day

My best friend thinks the cactus is thirsty. LOL!

Cavalier dogs 

Mona & Tasha