Friday, January 24, 2014

Sigma DP2M Merrill Pictures

So, I've been shooting again lately with the Sigma DP2M. I have many cameras and use them for different reasons. The Sigma isn't the first choice for pictures of my dog Ozzy, but then again, lately it has been fun using it. Mostly pictures here of Ozzy, but I have a few others in there. My plan is to photograph more of my surroundings. Been so busy lately, but I'll try. I hope you like these! I have found the files to have a lot of dynamic range in them. My battery finally did die while shooting a few dog photos one day. First time. I am not a crazy rapid fire shooter though. I only have two batteries and haven't needed a third or fourth. If I start using this more, and for hours, I might have to get another battery at least. Yes, the battery does go dead quickly compared to other cameras, but it hasn't happened to me. When I see it getting low, I switch it out to the second battery, but always be on the safe side. Get extra batteries! This camera is considered quite the underdog in usability. (Sorry for dog reference!) Sigma hasn't helped with no RAW updates that I can use in Photoshop or other software program other than Sigma Photo Pro. (Unless I am just not aware? If there is an update, send me an email.) I like Sigma Photo Pro now though. I just wish I knew more about its capabilities. There must be someone out there who knows about the different ways to use the software to help with human portraits so that the pictures are not so sharp. I know it has something to do with the luminance setting. LOL! Any tips about the DP Merrill series cameras would also be appreciated. There must be more than just me out in the world who likes the Sigma DP series cameras! I hear crickets. Anyone? Anyone? There are easier cameras to work with out there. The thing I like about this camera is that the pictures/files remind me of slide film. 


I just like the pattern on my chair. Why not use the Sigma to show it?

Dead Leaves. Finally, no dog. LOL!

Cropped Sigma File