Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sigma DP2M

These photos were all taken with my Sigma DP2M between 1:30-2:30 in the afternoon in bright sunlight. Not the best conditions to see or photograph. LOL! Oh well. I was just heading out the door from the house to go pick up some food from Joe's Farm Grill. I figured I'd bring the camera with me. (it's what we do, isn't it?) Yeah, the sun was bright, but I figured I'd take a few shots. Some of these were a tad lighter than I liked. In Sigma Photo Pro I did +2 Sharpness, +4 Saturation, and then adjusted as necessary the exposure and X3 dials to my liking. Then I brought the Tifs in Photoshop 5 to fix the colors. (I hate using that wheel in SPP!) It was windy that day and as I was photographing, I noticed branches and flowers blowing in the breeze. I got some blur due to this in some of the shots. It's sporadic, but kind of unnerving to see this sharp photo except for one branch. LOL! Anyway, that's the way it goes. All of these are handheld as I don't own a Tripod yet. Yeah, yeah, I know.

Bark on huge tree at Joe's Farm Grill. I wanted to show detail.

Cactus by The Coffee Shop

Dirt Parking Lot at Joe's Farm Grill. This is usually full during lunch and dinner. You can see the mountains off in the distance. There are mountains all around us here in Gilbert. It's really quite beautiful.

These are more like needles than leaves. the tree is huge and located at Joe's Farm Grill. Don't let your kids climb on it. There are Scorpion warnings. LOL!

Beautiful scene at Joe's Farm Grill. I have to say that I love coming here; especially to The Coffee Shop for their Mocha Java coffee and lunch. It's a perfect hang-out too. We've had meet-ups here.

Joe's Farm Gril neon sign and blue garbage bin. 

Huge tree. Don't know what kind. I forgot. 

Monochrome Tree Trunk. Processed in SPP then Photoshop 5.

Quick shot of Ozzy in the car. I got a lot of compliments on Flickr for this shot.  I love this one and the B&W version, which shows slightly more neck and profile. . 

Kona bicycle. This is a tad blurry due to my not-steady hands. LOL!

Very slow shutter speed and not quite as sharp as I'd like, but still  salvageable. 

Monochrome Ozzy

Mecca Apple Store.

I love photographing Ozzy with different cameras.

Another Ozzy shot. Could be sharper if there was more light in the room and I could use a faster shutter speed. 
These are just a few shots candidly taken using the Sigma DP2M. I missed a few on focus due to my hand not being steady enough in the low light, and due to the wind blowing while taking pictures outside. Not the camera's fault. I don't own a tripod yet. I also sometimes shoot in low light at low shutter speeds to keep the ISO as low as possible. This will probably result in blur. I get a few sharp shots, which I'm happy about. It would be much easier if I get the tripod.

(I have to say the colors aren't as accurate coming out of this camera as they are coming out as JPEGs from the Fuji X-E1 camera. But the dimension is a bit better. Still, it's close. Fuji has a future with me if they fix the AF and X trans conversion issues. Oh, they also need to fix that annoying artifacts issue too. Doh!)

I wish more people would use these Sigma DP cameras so I would have more people to talk to about it. It's hard finding information about the series as not many people reviewed it thoroughly. I'd like to talk to people who actually use the camera everyday. Oh well.


  1. The shots of Ozzy are fabulous - what a sweetie pie. I am so drawn to these photos, but I just don't think the SP2 would work for me since I take a lot of cat photos indoors. I need a fast autofocus and great low light. sigh. loved your write up of this camera though - easy for me to understand.

  2. I would suggest these options:

    Ricoh GR (fixed lens)
    Fuji X100s (Fixed Lens)
    Fuji XE-1 with Kit lens, AF, not as fast as newer model
    Sony NEX 6 with any kit lens
    Nikon A (Fixed Lens)
    Olympus OM-D (EM-5) micro four thirds
    Leica X2 (a lot of money, fixed lens)

  3. Thanks, Tonya, by the way. I am not someone who writes review per se. I just write what I do and don't like about cameras in easy terms. It's an artistic VS function thing for me.

  4. That's why your review (or whatever you want to call it) was so helpful. In the end I went with a Fujifilm X20. I know you've had issues with the Fujis, but I just LOVE that color. I didn't want an SLR - I did that before and never used it. I need something straightforward. I would have loved to go with the Fuji X100S but price and the lack of hand holding kept me back. Fingers crossed it works for me.

  5. oh, and forgot to add that Ricoh GR was a really strong contender, but I got hung up on the f2.8 max aperture. I wanted something brighter. not that I really understand any of these terms - I know barely enough to be dangerous. And I noticed how many camera people buy cameras to try them out and then send them back. so what the heck, i want to try this one.

  6. Tonya, I love the Fujis. I was just irritated by the Fuji XE-1 AF and their X Trans conversions. The RAW conversions in software programs have improved and the X100s AF is faster. I love Fuji. I think the Fuji is much more veratile than the Sigma. but I love the Sigma. Go figure. The Fuji X20 is a lovely camera. it's versatile and able to do many things well. If I didn't have my little Leica D-Lux 4, i'd be all over that Fuji X20. It's the perfect everyday camera. I also love that Fuji X100s. Not so much for the "fixed lens" factor but the "smaller than the Fuji XE-1 with kit lens" factor. I already own a Sony NEX 5 with a big kit lens on it. The Sony has the APS-C sensor, like the Fuji XE-1. The Sony is smaller, and it was paid for. The Fuji XE-1 was new to me. I think the lenses on the Fuji kill the kit lenses on the Sony. I love the tilting LCD on the Sony though. The Fuji has the EVF. To me, with my older eyes, that really matters. I even bought an OVF for my Sigma. It' bright here in Arizona. LOL!

    You will LOVE that Fuji. It's the closest thing to perfect compact with zoom. the only other cameras that come close to it are the Panasonic LX Leica D-Lux and Sony RX100. The Fuji's sensor is bigger than both Panasonic and Leica but not in Sony. That's the only thing going for the Sony besides compactness. It really is all in what you want most in features.

    All are nice cameras though and one day I will own another Fuji. I am waiting for the Fuji XE-2 or X Pro 2! LOL!

  7. The Ricoh GR is nice. The F/2.8 isn't bad, and with cameras being able to shoot at ISO 3200 and up, it may not be that big of a deal. I think the Fuji has a 2.0 lens on the wide end of it. Or does it go all the way through? I can't recall. For a compact, everyday camera, I like having a fast zoom. I don't always shoot in the same 35mm or 28mm. Sometimes it can be limiting. If this is your everyday use camera, then this is the Fuji is the best bet. Get a fixed lens camera is you shoot a lot of street, need the larger sensor, or prefer that 28mm. It is a great artistic tool. I would like the Nikon A, and Ricoh to compare, but I don't see any camera manufacturers knocking on my door to do that.

  8. Go check out my Flickr website. I have a lot of indoor shots with various cameras. it tends to be dark indoors for me too. I usually shoot at ISO 3200 because of it.


    Check out all of my sets too. Look at the top of the page and click on sets. Pick a set and enjoy. TONS of photos on Flickr using various cameras.

  9. your sets are dangerous! now I want more cameras and a French bull dog. My five cats would have a fit at the latter and my husband at the former. for what it's worth I'd love to see you do more camera comparisons - you make so much more sense than the technobabble reviews. I don't know why but I really took a dislike to the Sony RX100 despite reading sooo many raves about it. cheers, ton

    1. I love the idea of the Sony RX100, but it didn't do macro and I didn't like the lens. If I am going to buy into that, I may as well just use my Sony NEX 5. it has a much better sensor and I can change the lenses. it doesn't do macro, but i can buy a macro lens to do that if i really needed it. Or I can just use my Leica D-Lux 4 for macro.

  10. Another great camera for the cats is the Sony NEX 6 with a kit lens. Even though the lenses aren't the fastest or sharpest, you can shoot the Sony at ISO 3200 easily indoors. I have so many great indoor shots of Ozzy using that camera. Check out the set on Flickr!