Monday, January 21, 2013

Fuji X-E1: Love & Hate

Okay, so I ended up keeping the Fuji X-E1. Like I need yet another camera. But...I do. No camera is perfect. I'm sure you've got that from reading this blog. Some cameras are downright annoying though. The Leica M8.2 shooting in low light was annoying to me. I consider the cost of that equipment. A $3900 used body with a 35mm Summicron was close to 8.5K! You'd think it could be leaps and bounds above a camera like this Fuji X-E1. Well, you'd be DEAD wrong. Now, I'm not arguing that the lenses aren't better built, but the cost factor added into the quality of file, well, the lenses are the thing for the Leica. The M8.2 and M9, absolutely not. It's pathetic actually. I personally love the Fuji X-E1 kit lens. I love the concept of the Fuji X series camera bodies. I just think they need to increase the AF in low light.

The 18-55mm lens is a beautiful kit lens for what it is. It isn't a Leica lens. Oh well. I can accept that. What this camera puts out for RAW, I have to wait and see. The two main issues with Fuji X cameras are the RAW files aren't being converted to their capacity, and the AF hit or miss in low light. Well, it's not just in low light. I thought I had the focus nailed on a Scooter outside in bright sunlight, and well, I didn't. Now, I blame myself. I'm sure I did something wrong there. But the AF is slower than many cameras I've used. Still, the files coming out, the JPEG files that is, are so beautiful. The Fuji lenses have the right sharpness, and the sensor gives lovely results.

Still, I would like a camera the size of a Fuji X10, X20 or Sony RX100 with an APS-C sensor in it and interchangeable lenses. The closest to that is the Sony NEX 5, but I don't care for their kit lenses. The Fuji Lenses are so much better.

Zeke, a Miniature Schnauzer I saw at The Coffee Shop down the street.

Ozzy and his Shadow

Handsome Ozzy in morning light

Ozzy Mug Shot

16:9 Ratio of Ozzy

Vespa Scooter I saw behind Coffee Shop. So many of these around town in Arizona.

Zeke, a Miniature Schnauzer I saw at The Coffee Shop down the street.

Ozzy checking out the camera. Yeah, It's a nice camera, Ozzy. 

My favorite ratio is 1:1 square in this camera set to Standard Film/filter. Ahh, whatever they call the selection. 

The JPEGS coming out of the Fuji X-E1 are beautiful The slow AF, not so much. 

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