Thursday, August 30, 2012

Leica M6 with 35mm Cron: Film

I have recently sold the Leica M6 as I haven't been using film much nowadays. Sad, I know, but I figured if I want to use film again, I still have a few other film cameras. I am also selling the 35mm Summicron lens. It's ASPH but not 6 bit coded. It was made in 2000 or 2001, so it is in lovely shape. I've tried it on the Sony, and I really should use it on that camera, but I honestly need some cash and would rather sell it. At any rate, here are a few small digitized files from the 35mm film. The indoor shots had very little light so I had to really use slow shutter speeds and wide open apertures. 

Oh, this is my first attempt at developing also. So, it's kind of muddy, I know. But at least I tried it. I went to this place called Art Intersection in the center of Gilbert, where I hired a woman there to train me for one day. We developed B&W 35mm and B&W 120 film. What a pain in the butt to load 120 film on the reel. I wasn't able to do it at all. I was so pissed off, I was ready to fling the film! The woman told me it was quite difficult to load 120 film and she still has trouble doing it! 

I would need more practice to do this, but I think if I either took a college class or went back for another personal workshop, I'd be able to use their chemicals and lab to do this again. I can actually buy time at Art Intersection, which may be cheaper than doing it at home if I decide not to do this a lot.

Diane and Alex walking at Queen Creek Olive Mill
Alex & Kirsten
My 2002 Subaru 
Couch in low light. Light coming from right side window.
My sister checking out magazines.
My Alley Way behind my house. The dumpsters are still there, and this is still considered a construction site so i don't drive back here yet.
My garage
My front yard area and sidewalk. If you keep walking, you'll end up at my community park.  that's where Ozzy meets his doggy friends. A mile up the road the big Cosmo Dog Park is where we go in the winter time.
My house from the street
My house from the street with nose of Subaru
My Ozzy Frog Dog
Ozzy Leg
Ozzy chilling
Queen Creek Olive Mill
2002 Subaru
My 2002 Subaru 
Front Door
Counter Top at Apartment, the place I used to live before building the house. 
Queen Creek Olive Mill
Queen Creek Olive Mill
Queen Creek Olive Mill
My Courtyard. That's it for a yard for me. The HOA takes care of the front. I don't want to do ANY yard work. 

Boring shots, I know, but this roll was blown through to use as my test roll for developing. I'm glad that it came out.

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