Sunday, November 6, 2011

Leica M6 & 35mm Summicron 2.0 ASPH

I replaced my Leica M6 that I sold earlier this year with another M6. I used to use a 50mm Summicron on the M6 and a 35mm Summicron on the M8.2 digital, (to give it a 50mm length.) Having sold all of that gear to fund a move from Connecticut to Arizona, I was without my beloved M6 and decided to go into a bit of debt to get the M6 & 35 Cron combo. I figured the 35 cron was my perfect combo for just about everything. If I needed a 50 cron later on down the road, well, it's a bit cheaper and easier to find one. Anyway, it's not the smartest thing to go into a bit of debt while also looking to buy a house. (It's my only debt, so I figured it was not that bad.) 

Having moved to Arizona in the summer, dealing with heat and apartment living, I wasn't doing too much photography other than digital. I was just too busy settling in to my digs, while my sister and her husband settled into theirs as well. (We live next door to each other in this apartment complex.) Other than a few shots grabbed with a digital camera, and my picture per day of Ozzy, I haven't been exploring much of anything other than air conditioning and doing a bit of grocery shopping. (You have to realize I am also house hunting. I am with a realtor trying to buy the cheapest, cleanest place and that in itself is stressful.) I'm only now beginning to enjoy the cooler weather, and  some free time. Meanwhile, I was missing my M6 and film. (All of my film is in the fridge. I have rolls of 120 and 35mm. I have my Rolleiflex TLR sitting on a shelf just waiting. I have the film, I have both cameras, and soon I hope to have the time. LOL! Oh, I am also looking for employment.)

My next thing to do on my list is to get out there and shoot my  XP 2 and Sensia Reala film,  then get some Tri-X 400 and learn how to develop. Right now, I have a bunch of film to burn through. I just need more time to do it. Argh! Sorry for the lack of posts. My computer also had a meltdown and was brought in to be fixed twice. Thankfully I had Applecare. (I never buy a Mac without it.) 

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