Saturday, October 29, 2011

Leica M6: Oops! Found Old Roll from May 2010!

Danny & Diane
Deb & Doug
Devin & Aleisha
Father & Daughter
Dominic SR
Father & Son
Devin & "Frammy"
Kitchen Table
Diane, Alex & Kirsten
Tim & Devin
Diane & Kirsten
Alex & Devin
At the Jack & Jill Party
Bikes at the Bar

Mommy? Nope!
Dominic SR getting a kick out of me taking his picture.
Funny Guy
See? Funny!
The Crew
Talking Politics! Yuk!
A Quiet Moment
Back to Gabbing.

Well, I found this old roll of dated film stock that I shot, well actually two rolls. They were outdated by MANY years. I shot them through the M6 back in May of 2010! The film was over 5 years old,  (I think from 2005), but I tried it anyway. I got some weird results. the film definitely showed its age, but I'm glad I shot it anyway. I did the best I could to fix them in Photoshop, or they would look worse than this! I got some cool shots, just the same. From now on though, I'm using fresh film. This is a repost. So, double Oops. I may as well keep it. It's to remind me that even with the oldest film, the M6 rules. LOL!

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