Sunday, July 31, 2011

Leica D-Lux 4: Ozzy Pictures & Sensor Size

Ozzy's new OM collar.

The King is sleeping.
I don't have a couch yet in the new place, and this guy housed up my chair. Little shit.
Check out the drool!


The Original and the cropped files below with various textures and Photoshop CS 5 added. Which do you like best?
Cropped Only
Texture & Photoshop CS 
Texture & Photoshop CS 
Texture & Photoshop CS 


The pictures below were chosen for the "Beyond 365 Days with Ozzy" project.

I've been using the Leica D-Lux 4 lately because I like the square format and the sharpness and rendering of the files. The Leica lens is lovely too. I wish the sensor was bigger though. Yeah, I know. My Nikon has an awesome sensor in it. I love the combination of 50mm F/1.8 lens and APS-C sensor. My Sony NEX 5 has an APS-C sensor in it as well. Both of those cameras are lovely to shoot. The Nikon has the better lens, the Sony has the better, compact size. Slap a Summicron on the Sony, and I have both, but at a cost of using it as a manual focus lens.The little compacts (Leica D-Lux series), have come a long way, but I do notice the difference between the APS-C, and smaller sensor. It's become quite apparent that once I get past ISO 400, there are noticeable differences in noise. At least the Leica has a fast F/2 lens. It's a classic camera, but I do see its limitations. Having said that, I can't help going back to the camera again and again. Why is that? There is something in the lens, something in the way the Leica renders the file. It pleases my eye. So, while I wish that the sensor was bigger, I still can't put the camera away or sell it, because it makes lovely photographs that I can blow up feasibly to 8X10 inches at the very least. The square format is my favorite, as you can see by my use of it throughout the D-Lux 4 entries, but I also like using the 16:9 and others. The sensor issue is a real issue, but I also believe it's like chasing the dangling carrot; always trying to get better and better megapixels. It's a chase that never ends, like the chase for a faster computer. It's constant upgrading and it gets old. I don't know what the answer is, but at some point I just want to enjoy what I own and get on with the photography.

You can keep track of my Ozzy project HERE on Flickr or HERE on ZENDOG Blog. I also have the first 365 days of this project on 365Project Website.

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