Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sony NEX 5 with 35mm Summicron ASPH 2.0 Lens

I have only one shot I took using this lens with the Sony NEX 5. I've been sick, so sorry for the lack of posts. The weather has been cold and wet as well. Did I mention I hate Winter? I don't like getting sick at any rate. For this shot I was just experimenting with a Leica lens on a Sony NEX 5 with an adapter. I have to use manual focus to get the shot. I think this would be better with a landscape, travel or human portrait. Dogs are hard to photograph even with a D-SLR camera. LOL!

I can't wait to try the Leica lenses when the weather is nicer. The only problem I have is with not having a OVF, which is what all of these cameras are missing except for the more expensive M8, M9 or Canon G series. The Leica X-1 can have one added, as can this camera, but it makes the camera not so compact anymore. Plus, the Sony zoom lens makes this camera bigger than necessary. (That, and it's not a Leica lens, which means I shall not show the files here using that. This is a Leica site.) I was trying to find an alternative to using a M8 or M9 due to the expense. (I sold my M8.2 because I just couldn't deal with the files degrading past ISO 640-1250, but also due to Ozzy's knee surgery. The whole digital M thing didn't thrill me either. Maybe I didn't give it enough chance, but my dog's surgery was looming, and I needed to get it done, hence the selling of the M8.2!) 

I wanted to use Leica glass on some digital body, a cheaper digital body. Well, it's harder than I thought, but doable. I still prefer the OVF though, as my eyes can't see the glare on a LCD when outside sometimes. I'm sure there will be camera manufacturers out there who will make better cameras for low light, like this Sony, and maybe add an OVF? I won't hold my breath. So, if you can't live without the OVF, you need at least a M8 or a film camera. Or add an EVF. Meanwhile when I feel better I will experiment using the Sony with Leica glass, and also use the D-Lux 4. I don't want another Leica digital M as it's too expensive for what you get. I enjoy using my Nikon better. I love AF, but that's me. Yes, the Nikon is a bit bigger, but I'm so used to it. I think that the most enjoyable Leica experience for me is the little D-Lux camera and the M6 right now. What I do like about the Sony is the low light capabilities. The files are much nicer than what comes from the D-Lux, but the little D-Lux is more compact and a blast to use too. Each camera has it's strengths and weaknesses. When I feel better, I will add more Leica-centric files. Meanwhile, enjoy this picture of my silly little dog.

You can keep track of my Ozzy project HERE on Flickr or HERE on ZENDOG Blog. I alos have the first 365 days of this project on 365Project Website.

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