Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Leica D-Lux 4: Gibson Les Paul 1959 Gold Top Holy Grail Guitar

It's the famous Gibson Les Paul 1959 model, but in Gold Top. The Holy Grail of guitars. A friend of mine owns this and he did meet Les paul when he was alive, and Les said he remembered this guitar due to a signature on it.

"Famous guitar players of today and yesterday such as jimmy page , eric clapton , mick taylor , slash and so many 100s of other popular rock guitarists have played and cherished the warm tone of this guitar."

Dennis said I could play this guitar if I wanted to, but I just wanted a picture with it for now. he's very generous like that!
Dennis is keeping everything original on this guitar.
See the wear marks from Dennis playing this guitar over the years?

This is one vintage beauty. It's worth about $250,000 to collectors.  Les Paul's signature is on it, and he remembers the guitar!

Dennis owns the Gibson Les Paul


  1. It's a Les Paul, it's a goldtop, and it's old; but it's not a '59. From '57 onward LPs had PAF humbucking pickups (these are the older P90 single coil PUs and are clearly original because the cutouts for the PAFs were larger), and the goldtop was discontinued in early '58 (in favor of the cherry sunburst) and did not make a return appearance until the reintroduction of the original body style (discontinued from '61-'67) in '68. This one does have a Tune-a-Matic bridge and stopbar tailpiece. SO, assuming this LP is unaltered, except for what look like Grover tuners (a common mod) and the pick guard having been removed, this particular Les Paul is a 1956 goldtop!

  2. I'm not sure if he modified it or not. I will ask when I get a chance.