Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Leica M6: Test roll of Ilford XP2 film

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Jewelry Kiosk
Inside Thorne's Market
Busy Day
People on Main Street
Main Street in Northampton
Outside Storage
Stairs in Thorne's Market
Sister in Sunglasses
Sister Posing For Me
Caminito Not Open!
Sister Acting Goofy
Help With Produce
Pipe & Brick
Mannequin Heads
Dog Seeks Coffee Cup
I was playing around with a roll of Ilford XP@ ISO 400 film. It's a C-41 process, which I dropped off at my usual photo place, (Iris Photo in Northampton, Massachusetts.) I actually like the film a lot. It's a bit contrasty, which I like. It's not the same as Tri-X, but I think it's a lovely film. Black and white film is my favorite to use in a camera. I know I can change any color picture, including film, into black and white using Photoshop, or the Exposure 3 plug-in filters, but the tones aren't quite the same. I'm getting used to the M6 camera. I fumbled again trying to load it, because I just didn't trust that the film would advance and instead the film tore in front of me. It's what I get for watching the film advance. Now I will trust that it advances while watching the little wind up wheel move. 

The only other issue I have is that I want to shoot both digital and film on the same day, and that can be a pain to carry two cameras. So, I must choose between digital and film for any particular day. I'm so used to digital, that it's hard to give up those instant results. I'm like an addict. It's a slow process going into reverse, to the old days of film, and wondering what the pictures will look like once they are developed. It's exciting, but I must have patience. Since I'm slowly shooting more film with this wonderful little rangefinder, I may as well start buying LP records again. LOL! I'm missing the old days! 


  1. It would cool to have one camera that can shoot both film and digital? Can you imagine?

    These B&W look fantastic and I'll have to try the XP film sometime.

  2. I love the XP2. It has more contrast than the Tri X stuff, though I love them both. This is c-41 process though, which makes it so much easier to have it developed. Also, you can use color film and convert to B&W with just as good effect. That way you have both.

    I wish they updated the Leica R8 camera to digital and film!