Saturday, November 20, 2010

Leica M6: Fuji Sensia Reala Film

I was playing around with a roll of Fuji Sensia Reala film the other day. I went to Northampton, Massachusetts to photograph color. I was quick about it, only having so much time due to a tight schedule. I wanted to also apply Exposure 3, the different, older slide film filters. Trying to keep track of all the different filters for each file is a task. I don't even know if I did keep track. Let's just say that I tried to make these files look like old film. I even converted a few to black and white. Now, do I like the Fuji film? Hell yes! I love it! I do believe Fuji no longer makes this film. It still makes the regular Reala film. 

I loved the odd lighting here and using some weird filter in Exposure 3 made it more bizarre. 
I converted this bike path white arrow line to B&W because it was more impressive, and to the point. Oh, shuddup!
I definitely used an old Kodachrome filter here. This color reminds me of Eggleston. 
Women racing by in Thorne's Market. I don't know why I love blur so much.
Just a boring wall, but the color is quite enticing to me. I did use an older Kodachrome in this, I do believe. 
Okay, so I figured this would look better as a Sepia Tone. Exposure 3 has several. I have no recollection of  which one I used. I promise that the next roll, I'll keep track of it.
I want to live in Newbury Comics. It brings out the kid in me.  How can you not love this ridiculous Logo?
This dog was a good model for me, even when she barked. Good dog!
Bored and crazy Golden Retriever in front of restaurant in Northampton.
A most photogenic Greyhound waiting for its owner. I feel like Elliott Erwitt!
I converted this to B&W to see the difference. Any comments?
Fender Strat Cop-Off. Love Downtown Sounds Music Store. I bought 2 guitars from them. They are wonderful!
What is it about Mannequins that makes me so happy? Is it because they are the perfect, captive, model? 
Wigs and Mannequins! It doesn't get any better than this! I love taking pictures of window displays with reflections of the street in the background. 
Once of these days, I want to buy a wig and walk around all day with it on. Maybe do some self-portraits?
Pumpkin? Man in the Moon? What the heck is it? It's another window display with a reflection.
Not quite the greatest picture, but I like the person zooming by and giving the blur effect. Then again, it could be shit. 
Paul & Elizabeth's Restaurant. Love the lighting in this place. It's always fantastic.
The highlight of the day was meeting this Pit Bull Mix puppy named "Sampson". He was so adorable. 
I added some old Kodachrome filter to this, because the actual color of this Scooter is bright yellow. Still, this filter makes this photo look like an old Kodachrome slide that didn't quite get the colors right. 
This is close to what the Scooter actually looked like, and I prefer the one above this, though the color is wrong. 
This is definitely not the correct Scooter color, but I still like the old Kodachrome film look. 
Light & shadow. 
Light and shadow.  People and dogs.
It's the Stay Puff Ghostbusters Marshmallow dude. Another window scene with reflection in glass.
Iris Photo. A photographer's heaven.
Curvy street. 
Woman walking on curvy street.
This is inside Thorne's Market. I did use an older Kodachrome filter for this picture. 
Now, what was the point of shooting this film? I was sick of digital and every once in a while I need to break loose and shoot film. I have a warm, fuzzy feeling about film, and I can't give it up. Even if it's costly, and a pain in the ass to have processed. Well, not too much of a pain. I send my film to Iris Photo in Northampton, Massachusetts. CVS sucks, so will never bring it there again. I like supporting the smaller camera store. (I may try Costco for its cheapness too).If Iris Photo were to shut down, I would surely cry and then believe that film is quite dead. If that happens, I think I'll give up on photography. It will just be too painful to shoot only digital. Maybe I don't shoot a lot of film, but I enjoy it when I do. How about you? I also get quite excited about the negatives coming in the mail. Like a kid excited. Digital is fun, and I love it, but film is where it's at, Baby! 

Why shoot color negative film? Because it's C-41 process, and can go to any lab, be put on CD, and converted to B&W or use the Exposure 3 filters on the files. Kodak doesn't make Kodachrome 64 anymore, and I want to try and replicate it. I may try the Kodachrome 200 slide film, though it just isn't the same. Okay, I'm done ranting.


  1. The results and colors are wonderful on these photos. I too cant give up film and like you love taking photos with my M6!

  2. I know. I don't know what it is about this camera! Is it the simplicity? The elegance in design? I love film and even though this may not be the easiest camera to use, it is the closest to creating art in this medium besides using Medium format cameras or similar!

  3. hello!

    i just wanted to post a little note saying "hey!" to another fellow arty multi-tasker. i laughed when i read your bio; i'm the same way, dabbling in everything from photography to music to drawing to ect ect ect.

    i love your photos, i think your black and white ones are particularly strong.