Sunday, October 31, 2010

Leica M6 & Fuji Superia Reala Film

I took the M6 out to shoot some film, and I had to slow down the thought process a bit. Still, I didn't slow it down enough and think it through, because many of these shots to me are boring. Now, shooting digital, I would fire away and keep the good shots. With film, I have to slow down to think each shot through, using manual everything. Not a big deal, but there are times when I'm just not in the zone. Sometimes I think film isn't for me. While I'm shooting it I feel nostalgic, and enjoy the process, even if I am rusty at it. I definitely don't burn though the roll, even when this was another practice roll for me. Having not shot with film with consistency, I feel I need to practice a lot. It's funny, because I grew up with film. 

One thing I love is how the M6 feels in my hand compared to the M8.2, which was a bit thicker, and heavier. Not that the M8.2 was a beast, but it's a different feeling. The M6 does feel nice in my hands, even if I'm not a pro at using it yet. I'm used to older Nikon film cameras, and now, the digital versions. This rangefinder business is new to me as of this year. I dabbled, but never really took the "Leica Plunge", as it was an expensive one. I think if you want to get the Leica experience though, it's best with the film cameras, more so than the digital variety. Yes, I know! Film is kind of old news to many people these days. It's really a shame. I love digital, and the instant results I can see on my computer, but the Leica experience to me is really in film. 

Now, who knows. Maybe if I were to play with a M9 for a few months I would feel differently. What I do know is that all of the pros I admire, they used Leica film cameras back in the old days, and I want to experience what they did. This seems a more authentic experience than the digital one. 

An interesting note: A man stopped me on the street and was very pleased to see me with a Leica camera. He knew the model and everything. Well, come to find out he worked for Kodak for 20 years. He was very talkative, like he found an old film buddy when he saw me. We talked about older cameras and digital. He now shoots with a Canon S95. (I like the Canon S95, but that says something about a guy who used to work for a major film company shooting only digital now! If he gives up on film, what the hell am I doing still shooting it. Thing is, I think he was feeling a bit sad in his choice of only shooting digital. His voice gave away that sadness. Maybe he will start shooting film again? Hey! That would be great. Oh, and I love that S95 he was talking about too. it's a great camera.)

Pumpkins at a farm in Southwick, Massachusetts.

The Brick in Northampton, Massachusetts
Stencils on Brick
Main Street
Clothing Store

 Photo Booth
Big Slices

I shot a roll of Fuji Superia Reala ISO 100 film the other day through the Leica M6 and 50mm Summicron. I went to Northampton, Massachusetts one day. The roll also includes when my sister and I went to a local farm for pumpkins. I think the Reala film has a green cast to it. I touched it up a bit in Photoshop. I don't know if that's how Fuji is or if that's how the local Photo place developed it. I had them do some low rez scans for me. 


  1. Beautiful look!
    Just got an M6 2 days ago and waiting for a lens... can't wait to start shooting!

  2. You're going to have a blast using that camera. It's so nostalgic. You can't help but love it. Congrats!