Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Leica D-Lux 4: Ozzy Pictures

Wet Ozzy Toes



Wet Paws

Light & Shadow

Look at all the crap in the background of this photo. LOL!

Chin Up!


I take a lot of pictures of my dog Ozzy for my 365 project. Inevitably, I have extras. I fluctuate between the Leica D-Lux 4 camera and the Nikon D90. I love using the little D-Lux 4. I sold my M8.2 camera, to help offset the cost of some bills and my dog's surgery. I really would rather have the full frame M9, but being that prices are so high, I'm waiting a bit. Who knows? Something new could come around the corner and I could switch brands and this blog could end. LOL! Seriously, the M8.2 didn't fit me for some odd reason. (I never owned such an expensive camera before.)

I like all different types and brands of cameras. I liked the M8.2 camera, though I didn't love it. It was a lovely camera, and produced awesome files. I think the Nikon D90 is equal to it, but then the D90 surpasses the M8.2 at higher ISO settings. That really bothered me. Not having AF at times also bothered me. The M8.2 was easier on my neck to carry around though. That's due to its lenses. The Nikon cameras don't have small lenses. LOL!

I originally wanted the M9 though, and I can't help but feel I settled when I bought the M8.2 camera. I know the quality is much nicer than the M8 (or even some earlier M9s right now.) It's the sweet spot, but it isn't full frame. I really want a full frame camera. I bought the Leica M6 while I waited 6 months for the M9 to be in stock. I love film but feel that the labs are so few and far between that it's such a hassle to find a good one. Costly as well. As for the M9, by the time I got the call that mine was in at a certain dealer's shop, it was too late. I had to pay out money to other things. One day I'd like to own another Leica M digital rangefinder, but improvements have to be made for me to hand over that much cash. I'm not a rich Doctor or Lawyer. I'm retired right now.Sure, I could buy the M9 if I want to drain my account, but I'd be hurting financially for what I feel is a camera that only is equal to Canon or Nikon in the low ISO range. What's better are the Leica lenses, not so much the digital body. The Leica lenses are the thing. I still have two lenses left. I use them on my M6 film camera. The body is easier to carry around. A Nikon with a zoom lens on it can be pretty big. So, the rangefinder wins points for compactness. The Leica D-Lux 4, (and now D-Lux 5) may lack some IQ compared to a more expensive Leica X-1, M8, M8.2 or M9, but it is compact. Plus, the files are pretty fantastic.

So I take a zillion pictures of my dog with this little D-Lux 4 camera. My Nikon D90 with prime lenses is my main camera. I use the Leica D-Lux 4 for fun. I've seen the D-Lux 5 and like that too. I'm not a pro photographer and my quest for perfecting the pixels really can get annoying. I want the best quality file, but not being a pro, I really don't need a pro camera. Still...you hobbyists know how it is. I want my pictures to look fantastic. Digital cameras have come a long way to giving us a pro-quality file. So, we are almost there.

You can keep track of my Ozzy project HERE on Flickr or HERE on ZENDOG Blog. I alos have the first 365 days of this project on 365Project Website.

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