Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Leica M8.2 VS Nikon D90

I photographed Ozzy with the Leica M8.2 and the Nikon D90. Can you tell which pictures came from which camera? I will number the pictures below and guess as you check out each picture. Click on them to blow them up. Which files do you like better and why? Be honest about the pictures you like better.

The answers are below. Were you correct?

#1 Leica M8.2
#2 Leica M8.2
#3 Nikon D90
#4 Nikon D90
#5 Leica M8.2


  1. #2 is my favorite.... what lenses did you use ?

  2. Hi Doug, I used a 35mm Summicron 2.0 ASPH lens. Whew!

  3. These are great Elaine. The D90 is no slouch and a great camera. I like the #2 shot as well its a giveaway for Leica because of the bokeh. Great example.

  4. wow i figured 3 and 4 were the leica

  5. Jay, yeah, it's funny how it's not that easy to pick the right file.

  6. great pics....and your ozzy is pretty cute too..
    i like #2 the most though. The bokeh really does the magic.
    did you take the #3 in RAW format? then you probably forgot to correct chromatic aberration. Its quite visible on its tougue. And supposedly D90 got a devently reliable auto aberration correction.

    Thinking of getting a D90 myself. And I just stumbled on to your blog while researching!!
    Keep Shooting....Adios

  7. Thanks, Abhinaba. I don't know about chromatic aberration corrections. How do you correct it?

  8. there should be an option in your post-proccessing software for correcting chromatic abberation(if the software gives you enough control on post-proccesing that is; try adobe RAW convertor or Adobe lightroom). And chormatic abberation correction in D90 for photos shot in JPEG is automatic.

  9. YEah, I have CS 5 and Lightroom. I heard of Chromatic Abberations, but didn't know what one looks like. LOL! Thanks.

    I love my D90 too, by the way!