Thursday, July 1, 2010

Leica M8.2: 365 Days of Ozzy

I try to incorporate different cameras into my "365 Days of Ozzy" project. It keeps me interested in doing this project and it makes me think about the different workings of the camera. The Leica M8.2 produces lovely files, but not without thinking things through step-by-step. The camera is all manual while the Leica D-Lux 4 isn't. I usually set the Leica D-Lux 4 to manual mode, but it still has the AF focusing which I'm thankful to use. The Leica M8.2 has none of those features, but produces a better IQ file. It's always a compromise. I also use the Nikon D90 a lot due to Ozzy always moving around. Using the Nikon D90 is much easier, but there's just something really gorgeous about those Leica M8.2 files. Hard to explain. I can't imagine what the M9 would produce. I've heard so many issues about these cameras going into the shop that i don't want to risk spending 7K on one. I am still on a list, but when they call, I think I'm turning them down. The M6 will produce just as good files in film, and cost me a bundle less than the M9. Plus, my Flickr friend sold hers and stuck with her M8.2! So, I have the camera that is likely to have less issues than the newer M9! How freaky is that? I've never heard issues with the M8.2 like I have with the M9 camera. That's just sad. Makes me think Leica pushed out the M9 in a rush. Yeah, it's full frame, but I'm really starting to think that it comes at a major cost.

The first picture below was my choice of the day, though the other two were close. Every time I think that I should sell this camera due to how expensive it was, I get files that make me love it all over again. It's touch and go with this camera. I love the files, but feel guilty about owning such an expensive piece of gear when I'm not a pro photographer. Whew. I could use the cash to pay for a trip I'm planning as well. I've placed an ad a few times, but pulled them. This camera tugs at me, but at the same time aggravates me. I've spent so much money on this gear, and it produces beautiful files, but I'm not a pro and my quest for the best IQ and Leica glow was an expensive one. The Nikon D90 camera may be easier to use in some regards but the files aren't as lovely.

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