Sunday, May 23, 2010

Leica M8.2 Indoors

Dominic the Birthday Boy!

Ozzy Resting

Ozzy with spatula


Kirsten, Alex & Ozzy


Dominic Sr & Eleanor

Dominic Sr & Eleanor

Dominic Sr





Aleisha & Tim in deep conversation

It was Dominic's birthday party today, and I decided to use the M8.2 indoors It wasn't too bad for lighting as it was still daylight outside. I was able to shoot some photos at ISO 320, but bumped it up to ISO 640 pretty quick due to dark areas in the house.The trick was to get a balance from the low light indoors without blowing out the highlights from the light coming in through the window. It's kind of a pain, as digital is like slide film; very unforgiving. Or maybe it's the meter on this camera that's a pain? I find the metering on my Nikon D80 to be easier and more accurate. Or maybe I'm not used to the M8.2 meter. I don't know. Am I wrong here? I'm sure the M9 is much better in low light. (Well, it's good up to 1250 I hear.) I know what a Nikon D700 would render in low lighting situations. It's much better than the M8.2 or the M9. The M8.2 is really much better as an outdoor daylight camera. That's where it shines for me. (Looking at these again, they are pretty good for quality, but knowing what Nikon can do in low light these days, it kind of bums me out that Leica didn't produce a better low light camera. There, I said it! No, the M9 can't compare.) If Leica came out with a full frame M10 that could shoot in low light like the Nikon D700 or D3s, then I would be very impressed. C'mon, Leica! I double-dare you!

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  1. I use a 1960 M3 w/ 50mm Summicron but I'm planning on getting an M8 or 8.2 so I've been lurking your blog a bit. To my eye, these images look very, very good (I only enlarged the B&W shots). I understand that you're coming from the DSLR world and the Nikons do high ISO much better than Leica. But there's a tradeoff that favours the Leica and that's handholdability at slow shutter speeds which makes up for the better ISO performance of the Nikon. This picture was taken handheld at 1/15th of a second with my M3

    The other thing I noticed about your pictures here is the way the M8.2 renders ISO noise. It looks very film-like which in my estimation is a good thing!