Monday, May 24, 2010

365 Days Of Ozzy

Ozzy Waiting Patiently

Today I decided to try the Leica M8.2 as my camera of choice for photographing Ozzy for my "365 Days of Ozzy" project. Ozzy waited patiently while I fumbled with the camera. It's hard to do everything manually in the morning. I just woke up. I'm used to using my Nikon D80 manually, but the metering is something I'm very used to, and the camera has AF, though it's not the best Af system. The Leica M8.2 has to be focused manually. In the morning, that's a task. I haven't had my coffee yet. My eyes are not 20/20 anymore either. LOL! Anyway, Ozzy was very patient with me. He sat there and posed. (Granted, he started to fall asleep a bit, but I coaxed him to play with a stick.)

The 35mm Summicron is a 47mm on this camera. I can only get as close as I did, and thus the camera isn't the greatest for photographing smaller dogs with this focal length. If I still had the 90mm, it would have been much closer. I sold it as I really didn't use it much, though in retrospect, I didn't really give the lens a chance. I think the cost factor of all this equipment was bugging me a bit, and being in debt isn't something I'm used to anymore. So, I sold that lens a while ago. Now, if I had unlimited funds, I may have kept it. Honestly though, with the Leica, I'm more into 35mm and 50mm, and maybe a bit wider. For longer focal lengths, I like to use the Nikon camera. See the rest of the project at 365Project or Flickr.

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