Sunday, April 4, 2010

My favorite B&W is from film!

This has nothing to do with Leica, but with film. I sent in an old photo I took using a Canon AE-1 and Tri-X 400 film. This was taken back in 1978, (give or take a year). These are my sisters Sue, (sitting on steps) and Diane, (in background) who posed for me. I scanned a photo (4X6) on my crummy HP AIO Scanner and tweaked it a bit in Photoshop. 

Mentioned by Steve Huff here
 This is NOT a recommendation to look at his website other than to see my photo mentioned. I frankly can't stand his website anymore. Seriously, his reviews are not reliable. I used to read his website when I was first looking for a Leica camera. His was one of few websites that talked about the camera system. Now I totally regret listening to anything this guy has to say about any camera. This is certainly my own opinion. You'll just have to trust mean this. Also, I no longer use Leica camera gear. Quite frankly, the only Leica I ever loved was the film M cameras like the M6. I also love their lenses. I absolutely hate their digital bricks. I think they are over priced jewelry. I would much rather use the Sigma DP Merrill cameras with all of their odd quirks but better photos and at a much cheaper price than Schmeica. Listen, you can spend your money on good gear for a lot less. Also, look for a company that will fix your gear in a timely manner. Leica is NOT that company. Good luck if you don't listen. 

As for Steve Huff's website, forget about it. He's a sell out. 

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