Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Indoor Shots and Blown Highlights

It's kind of a busy shot, but I love Ozzy's expression in this photo. He was sitting by the door trying to catch the sun. The light was so bright and it was difficult getting a balance here. I wonder if a film camera could do better? Digital seems to blow out highlights very easily. I'm sure there's a technical reason for this. I just don't know it. I'm new to Leica, and having never used their film cameras, my only introduction is with the digital rangefinder.

It was very difficult to keep the highlights from being blown out completely in this picture. I still think I could have done better.

The highlights are a bit blown in this shot, but I still like it. John is quite patient with my slow focusing. I'm getting better at it though.

John sitting on the couch. He's a great model. What's not apparent, but was driving me nuts, is the bright sun coming in the window. The highlights always get blown out and I had to fiddle around with the M8.2 in order to get the highlights right. It was a bright, sunny day outside.

I took a few shots this past holiday weekend. It was a bit tough to make the shots of my dog Ozzy work due to the bright sunlight and the dark shadows. I am still a bit of a putz when it comes to figuring out the metering for this, especially in the digital realm as the highlights get easily blow out. I need to read my old film photography manuals. I'm rusty at this! All shots at ISO 160 using a 35mm Summicron ASPH lens at various f stops. The M8.2 doesn't record this, and I've been too lazy to record it. This may change, as I should keep a notebook around to remember such things. I had very few keeper photographs due to my trying hard not to blow out the highlights; especially with the dog photos.

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