Thursday, April 22, 2010

Action Photos at Dog Park

Ozzy plunked himself in the middle of the dog park while I took pictures. I guess he didn't like being ignored. As soon as I stopped taking pictures. He sprung up and started playing. What a brat!

Ozzy (my French Bulldog) is stalking this Pointer mix. Ozzy looks like a cat.

Two Irish Setters.

Two Irish Setters. The conversion to B&W and painting the Setters back in.

This Golden Retriever is taking a break.

These two were playing a lot together.

This white dog is a bit aggressive in her play. She always seems to go for the throat.

I'm a sucker for punishment. I tried taking more action photos at the dog park. Or rather, I focused on a subject and waited for action. I used a 35mm Summicron on the M8.2 which is 47mm. Maybe next time I'll bring the 90mm. (That's if I really want to make things difficult!) I didn't take many pictures today. There weren't too many dogs I wanted to photograph on this particular day.

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