Monday, March 15, 2010

M8.2 Indoors

Ozzy licking the spatula. Rice Pudding. Yum!

Just hold up a piece of carrot and Ozzy will stare wherever you want!

Ozzy sits very still in case some food falls. This makes it easier to focus.

Ozzy waiting for scraps.

Diane giving me the glare.

Diane chopping away at cauliflower.

Focus on the faucet.

Diane chopping vegetables.

I tried taking a few pictures indoors in natural light. The lighting outside was terrible due to rain storms. It was late afternoon and darker inside than normal. Still, I was able to use ISO 320 with various apertures and shutter speeds. I'm sure if I shot at ISO 640 I would have had less blurry shots due to faster shutter speeds, but I wanted to see if I could nail a few shots and keep the noise down. I'm getting better at focusing though some objects are harder to focus on than others. No fancy pictures here, just a few pictures in the kitchen.

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