Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Leica Highlights

I love the look on Ozzy's face here.

This is my second favorite shot. I converted to black and white, and brought out some of the detail in the file. Poor Ozzy just wants to sleep!

This is my favorite shot of Ozzy. I converted to black and white and sharpened it. That's it. It's shot at ISO 160 and 1/60 of a second. (I'm not sure of the aperture, but I think it was F/8).

Ozzy found a lovely spot to catch the morning light. I wanted to see how the M8.2 captured this difficult scene. It's probably due to me not knowing enough about photography that made this difficult to do. I had a hard time not blowing out the highlights in this extreme lighting situation using any digital camera. The sunlight coming into the house this morning was so intense, that no amount of shutter, aperture, or ISO juggling seemed to produce a happy medium photograph. The highlights kept getting blown out. I suppose there is a way for me to remedy this, but I don't know what it is, so I shot anyway to see what I'd get.

The Leica camera is getting easier for me to focus. My only problem is when I switch from one camera brand to the next, I have to stop and think what I need to do. This is especially important on the Leica "manual everything" camera. LOL! I've been using my Nikon manually for everything except the AF, so transitioning is easier this way. Now that the weather is getting nicer, I'll be able to grab some free time and shoot using this awesome camera. I want to shoot some portraits soon. It's my favorite type of photography these days besides photographing street shots in Northampton, Massachusetts.

I was rather envious of those people who were pre-ordering their M9s from B&H Photo. I originally wanted the M9 and settled on the M8.2 because I heard the wait was going to be ridiculous. Plus, having never tried a Leica, I wasn't sure I wanted to spend that kind of cash and find out I hated the rangefinder system. (I actually like it quite a bit. It's different from the D-SLR cameras, but it's a nice change) Now that I have the M8.2 in my hands, with two wonderful lenses, I don't want to give it up to have my credit card charged and still be waiting for the M9 to show at my door step. B&H Photo is charging the credit cards immediately though the product isn't ready to ship yet. I know they only want serious buyers, but I think that's taking it a bit too far. It's not unreasonable for me to want the product within 5 days of being charged, is it? That's seven thousand dollars! Anyway, I'm hanging on and waiting for my phone call from another dealer to tell me my order is definitely in, and do I want the M9 or shall I pass? It's a question I will answer when asked. Right now, I'm enjoying the M8.2 and happy I have 4K still in my pocket. ;)

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