Sunday, February 28, 2010

Leica is Frustrating

Shooting with this Leica M8.2 is frustrating and wonderful at the same time. Dealing with the Leica's little qurks, but also enjoying the fine design features, is what the experience is all about. It's an addiction to see what I can get for pictures out of this camera. It's fascinating and I love it. This camera is like a work of art and when I hold it, something happens inside me. I become more centered. I delve into the process of making a piece of art with this instrument, as opposed to shooting at rapid speeds with my D-SLR. It's a different approach or style of shooting that seems to wake up my creative side. I know it sounds odd, but it reminds me of playing my guitar. It's like playing a fine instrument. (I may be a beginner and fumbling around, but it's like learning how to play guitar. I'm in a zone.) I'm sure I'll get blasted, but the Leica M8.2 is like playing a violin as opposed to playing a banjo with the Nikon D80. LOL! (And I love Nikon! It's just that it's a totally different experience.)
 One thing I've noticed, the Leica sucks at low light compared to Nikon. Can't go past ISO 640 without the files turning to mush and noise. 
By the way, I registered my Leica on the Leica US site, and am supposed to receive 2 free IR filters. Yippeee! I also listed my lens on this site. It's a great way of keeping file information on all of your equipment in one place.


  1. Found your blog through Steve's site! I'm a new Leica m8 shooter as well, and I've found sites like Steve and yours to be inspirational. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.


  2. My blog is like a baby Leica blog compared to Steve's! LOL! I love Steve's blog. It's very interesting. I learned a lot from his blog.

    So, what do you have for your M8? Did you get a Thumbs Up? What about lenses? I'm curious.

  3. I went the poor man's route although it was highly suggested by quite a few people: Used leica m8 (extremely mint condition! even scroll wheel was tight, less than 500actuations-according to the exif) and a zeiss 50mm f/2 planar (reviewed on Steve's site). It's a great starter set that leaves me wanting more but completely satisfied for now :)

    Knowing about all the little "quirks" on the M8, i still highly recommend it.

    Are you on flickr?

  4. It's not such a poor man's route! I'm broke! Congratulations on your purchase! Do you like it? Do you have any shots yet?

    Yes, I have a Flickr Site:

    Add me if you are on Flickr. Let me know it's you.

  5. I love the M8. i couldn't wait to save up for an M9 and the M8.2 was still a little out of my range. It's awesome for first time rangefinder users.

    How do you like your lens? Are you looking at any other lenses to be part of your kit?

    I'm working on a blog but i've been posting on Flickr:

    I've added you as a contact on flickr. Ozzy is awesome!

  6. I'm broke. LOL! I can't afford another lens. Now it looks like I may have to decide if I want the M9 soon. I think I'm going o just stay with the M8.2, as I don't have that kind of cash to blow on equipment. I don't know. We shall see.

    I like the 90MM lens. I would use it for portraits and some street, to keep distance between me and my subjects. I will also use the 35mm Summicron, as it is tack sharp.

    I'm so new to this that I just have to keep shooting and become one with this camera.

    How about yourself? I'm sure you are getting beautiful pictures.