Thursday, February 11, 2010

Orchids & Bokeh

Trying to see the Bokeh of this 35mm Summicron 2.0 ASPH lens. Apparently the 4th generation Non-Aspherical 35mm Summicron was better, but I can't afford to search the world for one, and I was lucky enough to buy this black lens in mint condition. It has also been 6 bit coded for the digital Leica camera. Well, due to the crummy weather outside, I took a few pictures inside of my sister's Orchids. They are happily in bloom right now, and look gorgeous. I focused on them, and let the background blur. I converted them to B&W to see if there was a difference in how the blur was presented. Plus, I love black and white. I am trying to do a lot more of it. I use Photoshop to convert. I usually play around with the black and white filter or gradient maps.


  1. The first black and white photo appears to have more detail than the color version! Amazing edge to edge sharpness on the photos. Nice purchase!

  2. Thanks so much for the compliment.