Friday, February 26, 2010

My Attempt At Zone Focusing

1. Black and white conversion of sheds using Alien Skin Demo.
2. Color Filter of Sheds using Alien Skin Demo.
3. Black and White conversion using Alien Skin Demo.
4. Velvia Shot using Alien Skin Demo.
5. Velvia Shot using Alien Skin Demo.
6. Black and White conversion.
7. Color Shot
Today I attempted zone focusing. I went out while it was snowing today to take a few quick shots from my car using the Leica M8.2 in aperture priority mode. I shot in f/8 and f/11, while the camera chose the shutter speed. I set the distance at 8 feet going by an article on zone focusing that I read. I wish I actually focused some of these shots, because I think I could have gotten sharper results. Even so, this little experiment yielded some interesting results. I want to experiment more with this when I start shooting street shots with the camera. I converted to black and white, because I like it. (Yes, it's snowing. Look at a close-up of the shed. The flakes are small, but while shooting, they did get my camera wet.)

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