Saturday, February 27, 2010

More Portraits with the Leica M8.2

Danny was nice enough to pose for me again while I fumbled around with the focusing on the Leica M8.2. I'm getting used to lining up the images. This rangefinder focusing thing is all new to me. I'm so used to auto focus, and have come to rely on it, especially now that I'm older and my eyesight isn't as accurate. (Trying the Zone Focusing yesterday was fun, and it certainly will have its uses, but I had plenty of time to focus these shots for this portrait session.) Danny is a natural model. The only problem is that his skin is so pale, I always seem to blow out the highlights. LOL!

I took my time and slowly Danny started to relax. I started getting better at the focusing too. I was pleased with many of these shots. If the focus wasn't there, it was because I screwed up. My sister Diane even got into the portrait session! This practice session is just another day in the learning process of getting to know my Leica M8.2.

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