Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Few Leica Pictures

Took a few shots indoors of my puppy Ozzy to share. I cropped a few also. Some I converted to black and white. Others I colored his scarf back in. All were taken with the Leica M8.2 and a 35mm Summicron 2.0 ASPH lens. This is the only lens I own at this time. So, every shot you see on here that's taken with the Leica, was taken with that camera and lens. I can't afford to buy another lens right now. LOL!

What I've noticed so far is that I have to slow down and think about exposure, aperture, and shutter speed. Oh, wait! I am also focusing. I'm slowly getting the hang of the focus. It's a matter of bringing the object, which is doubled into s ingle object, or lining up the lines. It's a bit tricky sometimes. If I look too hard, I can't seem to get it. If I relax and let it flow, I'm getting faster at getting tack sharp pictures. This all reminds me of shooting with a film camera. It's nostalgic. The nice thing about it though is that there's no waste of chemicals, film or paper. I love film, but nowadays, the waste is just not environmentally friendly. Plus, I'm a digital freak. I have no patience for waiting on the results. I love using Photoshop. I embrace the digital age. I do still love film, and have kept my Nikon 8008 film body, a few Holgas, and an Olympus Stylus. But this is a Leica blog!

Here are a few shots of Ozzy. Some I've cropped to give you a closer look. He doesn't lose too much detail except in one photo where the ISO was at 640, I believe. The exposure was off due to my error. Once I cropped it, the grain started. The exposure being too dark, I had to lighten it up and once I cropped it, well, you understand the whole concept.

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