Friday, February 12, 2010

Dale Photo & Digital

I just ordered a Bip, a Thumbs Up and a 16 Gig Transcend card for the Leica from Dale Photo out of Florida. I talked to Dave who works there, and he recommended the Thumbs Up. I've read so much about them. Check out the Bip and Thumbs Up at Match Technical Website

I am still on the list for a M9 body through Dale Photo. It may take many months to get that call, but at least if I choose to go full frame, I have that option.


  1. I am in the process of reading your blog and I thought I might make a comment. If you like the M8.2 you will love the M9. I hope you still have your place in line. I had an M8, sold it and got a M9 from a local dealer who has a good relationship with Leica and back in late Nov or early Dec I was able to get one in 3 days. Having full frame that takes full advantage of the quality of the Leica lens is a real plus.

  2. I was on the BH Photo pre-order list, but then I got cold feet. I'm still on a list for the M9 with another dealer. I'm nervous about the price. Anyway, I've heard a few complaints about the M9 colors not being as accurate or too contrasty, and the focus not being as sharp. Is this true? I've heard it from more than one person who owns the camera.

    Maybe they aren't used to the camera yet? I don't know.