Monday, February 22, 2010

Cropped Photo

A Flickr member K4eyv suggested that I crop my Dog Park photo and I did, because it's a better composition. He was right. I lost some detail due to noise, but because it's converted to black and white, it actually looks pretty cool. I want to thank K4eyv for his input on Flickr. The moment I cropped the photo, I got an invite from an Admin named "Gothic Toad-back to basics" to place this shot in "Terence Trophy-Invited Images Only" group. Here you see the cropped and unaltered photograph. Thanks, K4eyv!


  1. Love these! I do everything (almost) in Black and White and there is just something about Leica.

  2. Thanks, Jeremy. This is my 1st Leica. I've never owned one before. I chose a digital over the film as I shoot more digital. I am on a list to get the M9, but this camera more than meets my needs. I can't imagine how awesome the files are from a M9 Leica. Must be something to see.