Monday, February 15, 2010

Alex In Color

Alex, originally uploaded by Lainey1.

I would love to get Alex over the house to photograph him in a more relaxed setting. This was during a Valentine's Day party so I shot a few quick shots. I had a raging eye ache, so I wasn't feeling my best either.

Still, I notice a clarity in the Leica files VS my Nikon files. This shot was taken using ISO 1250, which is the highest this M8.2 can go without a major noise issue once it goes to 2500. I know the newer M9 can do higher ISO, and the files are much bigger, but this camera peaks at 1250. If I had the Nikon D700 body instead of the D80, I know the files would be much better with the Nikon as the ISO was raised. The Leica would lose in that regard. Different cameras for different subjects and shooting styles. i can go all day with this, but my original reasons for getting a rangefinder was to simplify, carry a smaller size camera, get a better quality file, and use that Leica glass. I just wanted to see what the fuss was all about. I'm glad I won't be using a D-SLR on the streets to shoot, but I do get nervous at the prospect of shooting this camera due to its expense. Imagine what M9 owners must feel like!!

Doesn't Alex remind you of a young Johnny Cash? LOL!

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