Friday, February 19, 2010

Accessories For The Leica M8.2

I talked to Dave from Dale Photo on the phone to ask him what would be useful accessories for the Leica M8.2 camera. I've heard of a few and Dave confirmed a few good ones. First of all, these are expensive, but I think very useful to the Leica Digital M body series.

The most expensive accessory I ordered was the Thumbs Up Grip Lever from Match Technical Service, which cost $162 at Dale Photo. I bought the CSEP1 Model which attaches to the hotshoe, but still allows for an external viewfinder. It's worth every penny. This makes it easier to hold the Leica M8.2, which is like holding a big bar of soap sometimes. The thumb grip feels comfortable, and it feels safer to use the camera with this on. It's like an insurance policy from dropping the camera.

A little research on their website shows another accessory which I added to make my picture taking more pleasurable. It's called a Bip soft release, a little button that screws on the Leica M8.2 body. If you notice how your finger has to bend in to release the shutter, this just makes it a more fluid movement. It's comfortable and useful. Costs $20, but worth it to me. There are other designs for people to choose from. Beep, Boop , and Bug. Check out their website. Pretty cool inventions! I took a few pictures to give you guys an idea of what this stuff looks like. I love the packaging designs of both products. Very professional.

I've provided links within the text to direct you to these products. My biggest worry is dropping this expensive camera. Now, I don't have to worry as much due to the Thumbs Up Grip!

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